Meet new employee and former IUPUC student, Bailey Moss

May 24, 2017
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Bailey Moss is back on campus as a new employee within the Office of Student Affairs.

The responsibilities of the IUPUC coordinator of leadership and community service within the Office of Student Service can be divided into two categories — Student Involvement and Volunteer Coordinator.

The Office of Student Involvement asserts that engaged students are successful students. Bailey Moss considers herself a testament to that as alumni. “Through my involvement on campus and in the community as a student, I was able to develop a unique skill set that was not attainable through curricula alone. Now I get to show students how to develop those skills that will set them apart within the job market,” she said when asked about the transition from student to staff.

Bailey works directly with campus clubs and organizations and considers herself a facilitator of progress by organizing and assisting with educational and inspirational events, such as the Annual Leadership Conference for students. She also organizes student-reward events, such as the Student Leadership Banquet and is the coordinator of community services at IUPUC. Essentially, Bailey maintains an open line of communication between IUPUC and community needs.

“I am so excited to work with students and encourage their personal growth as well-rounded, confident, and capable professionals. Some of my most cherished memories of being a student are of being a club president at IUPUC, and I feel so very lucky to be in a position to help students while they make those memories for themselves,” Bailey stated.

For more information contact the IUPUC Office of Student Affairs at life/student-affairs/ or call 812.375.7525.