IUPUC employee of the quarter – Officer Mark Mowery

February 5, 2018
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Officer Mark Mowery selected as IUPUC Employee of the Quarter.  The award recognizes contributions by staff members over the previous three months that go above and beyond regular work responsibilities.  

Mowery was nominated for Employee of the Quarter for going above and beyond to help an IUPUC student who wrecked off campus as described below by his nominator.

Although Officer Mark Mowery can be very strict, he is always looking out for the best interest of students, faculty, and staff. Recently, a great example of this occurred off campus. While on his way to campus, a few weeks ago, Officer Mowery was driving behind a pick-up truck on I-65 south. As they approached the exit to US 31 south, the pick-up truck exited. The pickup lost control and hit the guardrail before coming to a stop facing the wrong direction. Apparently, an earlier rain caused the road surface to be slick.

Officer Mowery was able to come to a safe stop he exited his car and checked on the driver of the pickup who stated she was okay. He used his department police radio and contacted Columbus dispatch requesting a county officer to take the report. While waiting for the County officer, Officer Mowery directed vehicles exiting I 65 to slow down to avoid hitting the pickup. The County officer arrived and sat up his police vehicle to protect the pick-up. 

It was during this time he learned that the driver was a student at this campus. Since the pick-up could not be driven, Officer Mowery offered to give the student transportation to the campus and confirmed that someone could pick the student up after class.

Mark Mowery was hired by the IU Police Department in the Indianapolis Division at IUPUI and sent to Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1989. Since becoming a police officer, Mowery has held a number of roles with the IU Police Department.


  • Patrol Officer
  • Mountain Bike Officer since 1995
  • Field Training Officer for ten years and was head of the field-training program for two years
  • Worked as Officer-In-Charge (OIC) several times over the years and was OIC for the weekend for three years
  • Certified instructor for general police topics
  • Since 1992, taught CPR and other health-related topics for the department
  • Appointed Health Safety Officer and Bike Coordinator for the department
  • Taught CPR and first aid to IUPUI community, averaging around 200 people taught each year
  • Safety Officer for the IUPUI Emergency Response Team
  • A member of the following IUPUI committees: Lab Safety, Bike Safety, and Pedestrian Safety
  • Chairperson and Coordinator for the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Committee

o   I am very proud of the work this committee accomplished we set guidelines for AEDs at IUPUI making sure that the AED purchased by the departments met guideline and were maintained and ready to use

o   We established one brand and model of AED for all of IUPUI and location for the placement
of the AEDs

o   This allowed for those individuals who were taught CPR through the program at the police department to learn on the same AED that they could find throughout the IUPUI campus

o   All AED cabinets were connected to the IU Police Dispatch Center at IUPUI. If someone opened an AED cabinet, the dispatch center would receive an alarm

o   In 2010, there were approximately ten AEDs on the campus, in 2015, there were 120. In most buildings, a person could get to an AED within 2.5 minutes.  Getting the AED on the person in cardiac arrest within 6 minutes as outlined in the national guidelines

o   After accepting the position at IUPUC, my responsibility was taken over by EnvironmentalHealth and Safety, and the number of AEDs keep growing

Prior to joining the IU Police Department, Mowery earned his EMT license (which he still holds) and worked for an ambulance service and hospital emergency room. He also spent two years with the Notre Dame University Security Police Department.

Outside of work, Mowery serves on several committees including a union member of IUPUI Local AFSCME Union and trustee on the board; and the Neighborhood Homeowners Association where he served as president for
nine years and is the current vice-president.

Mark and his wife, Sharon, have two adult children and live in Greenwood, Indiana.

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