IUPUC Bachelor’s Degree Program in Sociology Approved

July 27, 2018
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The Indiana Commission for Higher Education approved IUPUC’s Bachelor of Arts degree program in June. Program approval allows IUPUC’s sociology faculty to tailor the program to best suit the needs of IUPUC students. For example, IUPUC students majoring in sociology will have the opportunity to complete concentrations in the sociological subfields of criminology and medical sociology.

Sociology graduates pursue careers in community organizing, education, management, public service, regional planning, social services, and other fields. They are also well prepared for graduate studies in sociology, social work, and related disciplines as well as law school.

IUPUC is the only IU location offering a sociology degree with a criminology concentration. Criminology studies the social causes and consequences of crime and deviance. Criminologists help shape policies and procedures designed to address crime. They enjoy careers in law, forensics, corrections, criminal profiling, law enforcement, and counselling.

Medical sociology provides students with expertise in the linkages between health and society. Medical sociologists embark on careers in nursing, medicine, social work, and psychology.

Led by Ms. Aimee Zoeller, Sociology Program Director and Coordinator of Women’s Studies, IUPUC’s sociology students are very active in community service, student organizations, and other forms of co-curricular engagement.

For more information, contact Ms. Maggie Evans, Academic Advisor, Division of Liberal Arts, 812-348-7309, magevans@iupuc.edu.