Vice Chancellor’s Message on Diversity and Equality at IUPUC

June 2, 2020
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In light of the events that have occurred recently in communities nationwide, including the tragic death of George Floyd and the renewed calls for justice and equality that have followed, I feel it is important to reiterate IUPUC’s core belief in creating a welcoming campus that detests prejudice and intolerance in all of its forms, and strives for inclusiveness. 
We sometimes become complacent as individuals, or a community, with regard to what we know is right and good. In times like these it is important for each of us to evaluate our own beliefs and actions. Expressing empathy for others is an important way to heal ourselves and help others.
As outlined in our mission statement, IUPUC is committed to developing and encouraging a culture that proactively creates solutions to challenges and fosters a positive environment, while also supporting an active Diversity Council and strong diversity programming for the campus.
In a recent message to the Indiana University Community, President, Michael McRobbie stated: “We must continue to insist that there is absolutely no room at IU for discrimination or harassment based on anyone’s actual or perceived race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or political beliefs. We see our diversity as one of our cardinal virtues.” At IUPUC, we stand against racism in any form on our campus or community.
As part of the Indiana University community, IUPUC is committed to creating a diverse, welcoming campus, and sincerely hopes that those who represent our campus as faculty, staff, and students, all share in this core belief.
Reinhold Hill
Vice Chancellor & Dean