Sara Williamson Named IUPUC Q3 Employee of the Quarter

June 26, 2020
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Sara Williamson has been named IUPUC Employee of the Quarter for Q3, 2020. Sara currently serves as an academic advisor for the Division of Education.
Since the beginning of 2016, IUPUC has recognized an employee each quarter for contributions made during the previous three months that go above and beyond regular work responsibilities.
Before coming to IUPUC in 2011, Sara worked as an undergraduate academic advisor in the Wright School of Education at IUPUI. Sara has spent her entire advising career supporting teacher candidates, all the while getting to know each student who passes through her door.
“In the last quarter, specifically, Sara committed much of her time to student outreach. For example, she called almost 150 students in the month of May to find out how they were doing in the wake of the new Covid-19 situation, and to determine what IUPUC could do to support them.” Says Jennifer Conner, Head of the Division of Education.
Being raised in Columbus and attending a small campus as an undergraduate student herself, Sara feels at home at IUPUC. Having watched the campus grow into what it is now, and knowing a few faculty members prior to transitioning in 2011, it felt right for Sara to become part of the IUPUC family. “Everyone on campus made me feel welcome from the start. I feel very blessed to be able to work with such talented and amazing students, staff, and faculty.”
Sara is honored to be named Employee of the Quarter because she feels all IUPUC faculty and staff go above and beyond their call of duty to support their students, as well as each other. “Sara has an unparalleled work ethic and an uncompromising dedication to students,” said Conner. “I, and the other IUPUC Division of Education faculty, rely on her heavily for her uncanny ability to problem solve in situations where the rest of us seem to come up short.”
When she can, Sara enjoys spending time with her family, vacationing in southern Michigan, and cheering on the IU athletic teams as well as the Indianapolis Colts. 
Sara has proven that her 13 years of experience as an academic advisor have paid off. Gaining the respect and admiration from her fellow colleagues, and supporting countless students who have gone on to teach our youth, it is fair to say, in the words of Jennifer Conner, “We are truly all so fortunate to have Sara as a colleague.”