Bailey Moss Named Employee of the Quarter for Q2, 2021

April 30, 2021
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Bailey Moss has been named the Employee of the Quarter at IUPUC for Q2, 2021. Since the beginning of 2016, IUPUC has recognized an employee every quarter for contributions made during the previous three months that go above and beyond regular work responsibilities.

Moss began working for the Office of Student Affairs at IUPUC in 2017 knowing it was exactly where she wanted to be. A 2015 graduate of IUPUC, Moss was heavily involved in club activities as a student, and also became interested in social justice issues. Reflecting on her time at IUPUC as a student, Moss said that Student Affairs was a key part of her growth. She was positively influenced by Sandra Miles, IUPUC’s Director of Student Affairs at the time, who provided mentoring to Moss even after she had graduated. “I told Sandra that I wanted her job someday, and she not only provided me with guidance, but later on, when a part-time position opened up in her office, she encouraged me to apply,” Moss said.

The part-time role eventually led to a full-time position that Moss has continued to transform during the last four years. During that time, she also completed a Master’s of Science degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Indiana State University. In her current role as Assistant Director of Student Affairs, she wears a number of hats, focusing on student success and support, managing clubs and organizations on campus, and increasing student retention. When asked what she likes most about her job, Moss said “One-hundred percent it’s the students – the connections I make with students, seeing their growth, it’s inspiring.”

Because her role is student-focused, the effects of the pandemic have forced Moss to change many of the processes that have been in place for years, and she has not only adapted, but thrived, creating new and better procedures that will remain in place even after the campus goes back to normal operations. Pride Pantry is a prime example. Those in need can now go online to create a shopping cart that is fulfilled and delivered to their car, rather than coming into the building. Not only does this new process provide social distancing, it is also more convenient and private.

In addition to her other duties, Moss has assumed responsibility for the First Year Seminar program, and for the IUPUC Peer Mentoring program at a time when it was necessary to create new guidelines for how peer mentors should provide mentoring in an online environment. She is also teaching a new course on leadership that is intended to fulfill a requirement for Crimson Leadership Network students, as well as a long-standing campus need for standard training for student leaders on campus, no matter their role.

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Joan Poulsen, Ph.D., had this to say about Moss: “Bailey goes above and beyond as the heart of Student Affairs at IUPUC, and her work is an important aspect of student retention and success. Students know Bailey is their ‘go-to’ person, whether they are seeking to grow and thrive, or are struggling and need help and guidance to resources. She works continuously to ensure our students’ well-being and provide creative co-curricular opportunities for them to grow.”

A Bartholomew County native, Moss now resides in Franklin with her husband and son, and helps care for her special-needs adult brother. In her spare time, she enjoys mysteries (both creating and solving them), and makeup, though family is the most important part of her life.

When asked how she felt to be named Employee of the quarter, Moss said that “it came out of left field, and is definitely humbling. I have one of the coolest jobs in the world because I get to do something I love every day.”