Nursing Students Show There Are Many Ways to Care for People

November 11, 2021
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As part of their senior Collaborative Practice course, students in the IUPUC Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program complete a project in which they collaborate with a community partner to create a project of benefit to the community. Students can create a grant proposal and receive a mini-grant through East Indiana Area Health Education Center (EI-AHEC) to fund the implementation of their specific projects.

Through these projects, senior nursing students learn about grant writing and grant-funded project implementation, both of which are important skills for future nursing leaders. Throughout the semester, the faculty and Executive Director of EI-AHEC, Jeff Hartz, provide feedback and recommendations.

The course projects enable students to practice teamwork and interprofessional collaboration in a community setting, and work with other professionals, such as social workers, teachers, faith leaders, first responders, social services agency staff, and community program volunteers as part of a broader team that share goals of promoting health within the community. They also learn how to be more effective client advocates for some of the more vulnerable members of our communities.