Angie Ginder receives 2023 Edna V. Folger Outstanding Teacher Award

March 13, 2023
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Angie Ginder, of Rockcreek Elementary School, received the 2023 Edna V. Folger Outstanding Teacher Award during a special presentation at the school on March 9, 2023. Ms. Ginder will also be recognized during the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting on March 30.

Ms. Ginder teaches sixth grade and is a dedicated, talented educator who works tirelessly to support her students, colleagues, her school, and her family. For nearly 25 years, Ginder has used relatable experiences, humor, or any other tactic to keep students and colleagues excited to be at school. She puts relationships first and everything else is second. She builds these amazing relationships by listening with a caring heart.

Ms. Ginder meets every student where they are – and embarks on an academic journey unique to each learner. Students feel safe, happy, and appreciated every day as she creates a positive classroom experience. Her classes have received the perfect attendance award multiple times which demonstrates her engaging classroom atmosphere.

To keep her curriculum fresh and engaging for students, Ginder regularly reads books and articles about teaching and learning and designs daily opportunities for hands on activities.

Angie attends professional development and shares what she has learned with colleagues at staff meetings all while using her extensive knowledge of content, curriculum, and holistic student development. Her innovative instructional approaches have resulted in several grant-funded projects and awards including the William and Sally Hanley Excellence in Teaching Award.

Ginder serves in leadership roles in the school corporation and at Rockcreek – serving as a district science mentor and on Rockcreek’s continuous improvement council. She encourages colleagues to dig into assessment data to understand how to push both the school and the students in a positive direction.

Ginder’s students gain organizational skills, academic and social problem-solving skills and leave her classroom as well-rounded, highly motivated learners ready for the next step in their educational journey. She encourages her students to develop leadership skills by pairing older students with kindergarteners thus giving them experiences demonstrating patience and empathy.   

Positive relationships with her students endure beyond any one school year. Her former students routinely invite her to extracurricular activities including dance competitions, athletic events, and graduation celebrations.

As part of the recognition, Mrs. Ginder received a monetary gift from SIHO; an inscribed clock from the IUPUC Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL); and her name will be added to a permanent plaque in the Columbus Learning Center which lists all previous Folger Award winners.


About the Award

Edna Folger set the early standard for teachers. In her honor, Arvin Foundation originally established the award, which was designed to raise awareness about the immeasurable influence teachers have on their students and to recognize the image of teachers as important community role models.

Sponsored by SIHO, the Community Education Coalition, and the IUPUC Center for Teaching and Learning, the award includes a stipend and a personal award from the Center for Teaching and Learning. The recipient’s name will be added to a permanent plaque located in the Columbus Learning Center. Any full-time, elementary, or secondary teacher or educator working in a Bartholomew County public, private, or parochial school is eligible to receive the annual award. Classroom, special education, or specials teachers; certified educators; counselors; and administrators are all eligible.

For more information about the Edna Folger Outstanding Teacher Award, contact Marsha VanNahmen at the IUPUC Center for Teaching and Learning via email at or by phone at (812) 375-7576.